Reverend Marilyn Ridley

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“Marilyn answered my question clearly and exactly. She was able to discern my emotional state regarding the question and she was very specific in what I need to do in order to be successful. She is very talented!” – Nancy B.

“Marilyn and I had an hour session that was world stopping for me. After reading into my energy with basic information she was able to open my eyes about life decisions I’ve gambled with for years. She allowed me to feel positive energy and informed me of future wealth, love and self-satisfaction. She couldn’t have been more spot on.” – Tay P.

“Marilyn is very sensitive, telepathic, and has great empathy. She zeros in immediately on the crux of the matter, spells it out, and advises. Marilyn is a born psychic. Through her life experience and trials, she is channeling for the benefit of others.” – S. Rae

“As soon as Marilyn started to work on me, I could feel her positive energy and it only got better from there. I had other positive experiences while she was working on me, while experiencing her gentle and powerful energy the entire session.” – Charles D.

Reiki is a simple, gentle hands-off/on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki does not take place of medical care.

Privacy: No information about any client is discussed or shared with any third party.

Disclaimer: Tarot is for entertainment purposes only.

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