A Full Moon for Change

Over and over, as this pandemic rages on, we seem to no longer ask each other how are we coping, but how has this pandemic changed our lives. When we think back just six months ago, what were you doing differently than that you didn’t even conceive that you would be doing today? The way we eat, the way we shop, the way we date and socialize, and how we perceive the world as a whole.

This Monday, August 3 is the Full Moon in Aquarius, which is preparing us to expect the unexpected. Something we should be use to by now as 2020 being a year of ups and downs. However, this full moon wants us to be open to change, permanent change. Many of us have already accepted that things may never go back to normal, but are we just going with the flow letting the pandemic and those in charge dictate how the rest of the year, or even the rest of our lives will go for us? Sometimes the Universe knocks us to the ground in order for us to truly open our eyes to changes we need to make and helping us move out of a stagnate life.

Things are definitely about to change. Will you allow the world to move forward and drag you along, or will you take the reins away from those you have allowed to lead your path? Where will you be six months from now? This Full Moon of Aquarius is the perfect time to implement that change, to find balance, and to plan your future.

Stay well and blessed…

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