Animal Intuitive

Discover What Your Pets Are Thinking and Feeling…

I have been psychically connected with animals all my life. I have answered the call to serve as a communicator between human and pets. I help clients give their animal friends a voice. As an animal intuitive and medium, I can connect with animals who have crossed over after death, and I can also share your current pet’s view of their behavior challenges. I am here to bridge the connection between you and your animal, support you through the process, and assist you with solutions.

Whether your animal is in body or spirit, as an animal intuitive, I can help you find the answers you seek. My animal intuitive gifts allow me to hear, see, and feel their messages. Understand that pets feel and process emotions in the same way that we do. Your pet has a story to tell you, just as we have the stories of our life. A sudden negative change to a pet’s daily life can cause deep emotional wounds. The benefits of having a session can be to address behavioral issues, the process of death and dying, to seek advice from your animal, any medical issues they may be facing, or just to hear their story. As a Reiki and Metaphysical healer, I can also perform chakra balancing for your pet.

I work with pet owners, those who would like to communicate with pets who have crossed over, veterinarians, pet rescue centers, pet day care centers, farms, animal care facilities and animal hospitals.

If you chose a rescue pet and things are not going well, you may want to know what your pet went through in the past that now has them acting in a certain way. Or if you have questions or need clarification, such as: Why did I choose this pet? Did I choose the right pet?

Lost pet? I’m here to help you find your furry friend.

For veterinarians, pet rescue centers, farms, animal care facilities and animal hospitals, if your staff is having difficulty with a certain pet, I can help you work through whatever that particular animal is going through.

To book an appointment for pet communication:

30 minute session, click here.

60 minute session, click here.

What is Animal Communication?

As an animal communicator, I am able to tune into your furry pet’s energy frequency and receive messages through thoughts and pictures (claircognizance and clairvoyance).

Currently, sessions are done remotely by phone or video so that your pet stays within their familiar environment where they remain calm.

I am committed to helping you gain a new perspective on the needs of your pet, and to help you gain clarity to your questions about your pet.

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