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Healing The One Within

Reverend Marilyn Ridley supports organizations who want to support their members. In addition to her spiritual work, as Reverend Ridley formerly worked on Wall Street for 20 years and was a corporate trainer at Prudential, she has now combined her corporate training with her healing work to assist organizations in support of their members.

We have all gone through many challenges over the past year. Things have changed, your business has changed, as have the members of your business. They are your organization’s greatest asset and whether you are an employer looking to help your employees to adjust to this new normal, or have an organization that wants to support its members through this change, this program helps all participants to find peace and balance within themselves first, so that then, peace and balance can be distributed throughout your entire organization. This two to three-hour program brings the needed support and healing to the members of your organization. The program will aid your employees or your members to find balance, lower stress, increase resilience and improve the wellbeing within themselves and with others, making for a better organization.

This program is different from most corporate holistic trainings as Reverend Ridley’s program focuses on healing internally through the use of journaling, introspection, and learning to live in a changed world. The program is non-denominational and can be adjusted to support as many as needed.

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