Healing ourselves. Healing our relationships.

Personal Psychic Mediumship Reading – By Zoom Video or Phone – Together we’ll find your fit in this life. What your soul’s mission is, your relationships, in order to bring you a better sense of purpose, for balance and well-being. As a Medium, I bridge the gap between the living and your loved ones in spirit.

Incorporation of your numerology chart and tarot can be added for guidance on career, relationships, personal goals, growth and spiritual development. (Discounts for CUNY students!)

30 minute reading – $65 To schedule, go to:

60 minute reading – $120 To schedule, go to:

20 minute Tarot reading – $50 To schedule, go to:

Privacy: No information about any client is discussed or shared with any third party.

Disclaimer: Tarot is for entertainment purposes only.

Reverend Marilyn Ridley

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